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Keeping Peoria Area Cadillac Drivers Connected and Entertained

Now that the phrase “infotainment system” is indiscriminately broadcasted across the technology section of every car description, it’s important to note what separates the basic ones from the advanced ones. While Bluetooth is expected and standard across most new car models, other features are still more limited. From navigation to seamless voice recognition, there’s a clear delineation between impressive infotainment systems and their subpar counterparts. Luckily for you, Cadillac models rest in the former category.

With several options available across different vehicle brands, we at Ray Dennison Cadillac near Peoria are here to tell you what you need to look for in an infotainment system.

Infotainment Desirables

Music Streaming: With a good Bluetooth connection, this should be effortless. Simply connect your phone and go to Spotify. If your infotainment system lacks this feature–-or falls short in terms of sound quality–-we cannot even consider it a “basic” infotainment system.
Wi-Fi: Now we’re getting to major vs minor league. A quality infotainment system will let your passengers connect to the internet and stream some Netflix!
Bluetooth Connectivity Strength: An advanced infotainment system will allow you to seamlessly connect your phone to your vehicle. The connection should not drop. Furthermore, it should not be a hassle to pair every time you enter your car. Who wants to pay for Bluetooth if it barely ever works?
Voice Command: If outside noise distorts your car’s language processing ability, you’re going to get aggravated rather quickly. “No. I said call Mom. Do not Call Bob!” Check how well the Bluetooth Voice Recognition works before driving off the lot. You’ll thank us later.
Monthly Subscriptions: A high-end infotainment system will offer satellite radio, live traffic updates, etc; however, these add up quickly; thus, make sure you only opt for the features you need.
Over-the-air-updates: These usually require a software update from the dealership; however, over-the-air updates are an available addition on top-of-the-line models. Updating your software and vehicle features wirelessly (over-the-air) will separate the great systems from the incomparable ones.
Different Cadillac models offer different infotainment systems. While most of the above features are available on new Cadillac models, feel free to give us a call for model-specific information. You can contact our Cadillac dealer near Peoria at (866) 361-6907. We are here to answer any questions you may have.

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