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Eyes on the Road

Since April is Distracted Driving Awareness Month, we at Ray Dennison Cadillac figured we’d take the opportunity to note the importance of driving with caution. Whether you check Twitter at stop signs, occasionally text at red lights, or fiddle with your Bluetooth connection on the Highway, removing your eyes from the road–even for a very brief moment–can be fatal. Though this may difficult to digest, motor vehicle fatalities are up 6% from 2015. That’s quite a steep increase for only three years.

Though evolving technology has many benefits, keeping you safe behind the wheel may not always be one of them. From Touch Screen infotainment and navigation systems to Bluetooth Voice Recognition, driving itself has become the secondary focus when people enter their cars. It’s important to remember–no matter how technologically advanced your vehicle is–-that its purpose is to safely transport you from one place to another. Whether you’re telling your car, “No. Call Dad. Not Brad” or trying to connect to Bluetooth in motion, you’re driving distracted.

Don’t Abuse Technology

All Cadillacs are built with technological interfaces designed to keep you connected behind the wheel; however, you must use these features responsibly. Pull over if/when you need to connect to Bluetooth and your phone is not enabled to do such. Don’t fiddle with the infotainment system while changing lanes on the highway. These precautionary measures may sound easy, but it’s the simple steps that just might save your life. If you find yourself distracted by any technological interfaces, turn them off and regain your focus. Always remember: cars are powerful vehicles with the potential to cause serious harm.

Cadillac models may be built with safety at the forefront; however, you must always act with caution. We design our technological features with user-friendliness in mind; however, we are only capable of safeguarding against so many possibilities. Take care of yourself. Don’t drive distracted.

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