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We all know that winters in Pekin can be rough. And if it’s rough on you, it’s likely rough on your car too. However, there are a few protocols you can follow to safeguard your car before winter really takes off. Our staff at Ray Dennison Cadillac is here to provide Pekin area drivers with some need-to-know tips.
Check your tire pressure: Your manual will have a recommendation for your car’s pressure level. If it’s not where it should be, just go get some air at the local gas station.
Check your tread depth: Employ the “Lincoln Test;” if you insert a penny into your tire’s tread with the top of Lincoln’s head pointing inward, you should not be able to see all of Lincoln’s head. If you can: replace the tire.
Use winter windshield wiper fluid: Not all wiper fluid is the same. Buy the one designed for winter and it won’t freeze on your windshield.
Buy All-Weather Floor Liners. They are not overrated. To read more about this carpet protection product, check out our service accessories.
Switch to a winter-grade oil: The colder the weather, the thinner your oil should be. When you go to the store, buy the one that has a lower number in front (indicates better viscosity in cold weather). To clarify, 5W-30 is better than 10W-30 in the winter.
Get your battery tested: Battery capacity decreases when it’s cold out. Have a mechanic make sure it’s at peak performance.
Wax your car: a fresh coat of wax will help protect your car against salt and dirt. This is vital. ROAD SALT IS CORROSIVE!
If you follow the few easy steps above, your car will be in tip-top shape come winter’s end! If you’re thinking about
scheduling a battery check, contact our service department in Pekin at (866) 380-9832.

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